White Room Realisation

So I’m editing this piece I was going to use to open my next attempt at a long story. I finish all the changes from my notes and send it off to a friend. He points out that the tense past/present seems a bit unclear in places and that he really doesn’t like pieces set inside characters head’s. Fair enough. But that gets me thinking. Exactly what’s going on in the piece that IS interesting.

It comes in around 1500 words. It’s describing a man waking up in a white room with no idea of where he is. He stumbles around a bit, hung over, and has a look out the window, finds a note addressed to himself etc. All fine I thought. But then I realised it’s like 1500 words of scene setting. Not very much happens. If you think of that in terms of novel length it’d end up spanning four or more pages. Do you really want to start a novel with four pages of some guy stumbling around a room, not knowing where he is?

The answer is no. The answer is re-write.