Multi-Tome Epics

While in Waterstones on Saturday I made a list of fantasy books I thought looked interesting. When I looked them up on amazon to see if they’d be worth the effort I discovered that not a single one was stand-alone. Each already had at least one sequel and had aspirations towards longer series with a trilogy being the absolute bare-minimum. After reading the reviews I was surprised to find that a lot people considered the books “okay” but didn’t actually tell a complete story. They merely set up what was to come and gave a few hints and cliff-hangers without tieing up the majority of plot lines. In this day and age there are so many books to read. Is it too much to ask for an author to tell a good story in a single volume? Maybe in 400 pages or less? Ugh…

I have high hopes for Debatable Space.

One thought on “Multi-Tome Epics

  1. Ali says:

    I’ve been reading CS Friedman’s Coldfire trilogy over the past couple of weeks (was on “holiday” in Oxford last week, helping at church kids’ playscheme in the mornings, and needed some grim dark fantasy in order to recover in the afternoons ;-)).

    I’m now half way through the third book … and they’re about 500 pages each. Highly recommended by both me and Gill. Each volume is a complete story but building up towards a bigger whole, and the characterisation and world building is fantastic. The first one is Black Sun Rising, currently on offer on Amazon…

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