So I went on holiday. It’s the first proper holiday I’ve had in a long time. That’s to say it’s the first holiday where the soul purpose was be a tourist, relax and take photos of things my camera isn’t nearly good enough to take photos of. Anyway the whole thing was just great but I also figured out a way around multi-tome epics. The answer is not to pay attention to what volume you just picked up. I thoroughly enjoyed book four of Elizabeth Moon’s Vatta’s War series and by the end was pretty sure I didn’t need to read the previous three. Score!

Then I came back and started writing again. I immediately ran into tense issues. The story is in first person present and there are flashbacks to when the main character is a child. So do I re-write in third person past, write the flashbacks in first person past or try and write the flashbacks in the voice of a child. I’m not sure if the two character voices would be too jarring…

Anyway… At least I’m writing again :).

Less than two weeks till class starts up again. Trepidation!