Creativity Failure

I spent a decent amount of time this week drafting a new story. It was set in a post-apocalyptic world, where a cataclysm had turned the landscape into glass. My two protagonists, a weaver, who had failed to prevent the cataclysm, and an oven cleaner, whose daughter is injured by protection racketeers, seemed interesting, perhaps even entertaining.

The problem was this: The world did not inform the story. As a result, I ended up with a simple tale of revenge, albeit one that re-energised my characters. There was no reason whatsoever that this story couldn’t have been set in the real world, present day.

I want to write speculative fiction. I want new ideas, both big and small, to make a difference to my characters. So this story will remain incomplete, and tomorrow I’ll start a new one.

One thought on “Creativity Failure

  1. Julia says:

    If you ever want any info on fiber-y stuff, I might be able to help. I don’t know how to weave though. Can knit, spin, crochet, sew… 🙂

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