Oh Dear… and Stuff

I kinda forgot my whole one or two posts a week rule for a while there. Can’t say it’ll change from here on out, but you never know. The whole purpose of this blog was to talk about writing, so when I don’t have a lot to say about it…

We’ve started workshopping again, resurrecting the group (fortnightly on Wednesdays) that saw me through a year of fiction on the MA. We’ve two sessions under our belt now and I’m really enjoying it. The second session was particularly good, with people offering suggestions for improvement as well as the normal critique. I’m up next though… Should be interesting, if extremely humbling.

My own writing is very much stop/start. I’ve said this a million times before but there really aren’t enough hours in the day. Most of them are filled with work and random house related jobs. I got another 3k words done on Hemlock Hex and started working on Breaking the Sequence again. This was “inspired by” NaNoWriMo, for which I’ve failed miserably to meet the average daily word count. But hey getting anything done is good right?

I bought a bike! I did have one already but it was broken down, crappy and would have required significant investment to make roadworthy. So I bought a new one through the Evans Cycles Ride2Work scheme. The voucher, that’s meant to take two to three weeks to arrive, turned up two days after I placed my order, so this morning I rode in. Damn it was cold… But damn it was fun too!

We’re now hurtling towards Christmas. I think I’m pretty much sorted for present buying, but there’s still Christmas dinner to plan. Like fools we volunteered to host this year – it being our first Christmas in our own house – and I can feel lists of timings and alarms being planned. I’ve got three straight weeks booked off over the holiday too. Should be good!