A Few Things

First off this is a quick test to see how well MacJournal works. I was told it had issues connecting to privately hosted WordPress blogs, but this seems to have downloaded me stuff just fine. Hoping this will post!

I’ve got two more minor edits left until I consider draft five of my short story, Bad Fuel, finished. This is unless I read it again and discover a bunch more. Each time through I just seem to discover more and more things that need to change; overused words, consecutive sentences beginning with the same word, poorly qualified dialogue, description that doesn’t quite have the right effect. It goes on and on. The damned thing is only 7.5k words. Anyway, I’m hoping that by the end of the week the story will qualify as the first-story-Sam-sends-to-Interzone. Hey, at least I’m writing every day now.

I’m rationing my social networking too. Facebook was an unwanted and near-unavoidable distraction and Twitter was just silly. It was getting pretty annoying talking to friends and have them say “oh yeah I know, I saw your post/tweet”. Very little of what I post on either site warranted the effort made to type it in the first place. So I’m slowing down. Each site will get checked once a day, or so.

Also of note is my new found hatred for iDVD and it’s utter inability to reliably create a DVD that will not only play, but also not completely break my MacBook into the bargain.

I’ll conclude this with a brief wondering… Where the hell did MacJournal put the tags/categories that it apparently downloaded from my blog? Does this thing even support WordPress categories? Aha, yes it does, but only when you “Send to Blog”…

3 thoughts on “A Few Things

  1. tuftywhite says:

    It works from this end

  2. Ali Hale says:

    Best of luck with the short story. I think I could tweak my writing for ever … but there comes a point where it’s good enough and you have to let it go!

  3. Jim Steel says:

    Best of luck with your Interzone submission.

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