Book Hype? Where?

Hype is certainly something I’m familiar with and quite often a victim of. Movies, games and gadgets are all paraded in front of me, glittering in their finery. It makes me want them.

Apparently there’s a similar thing going on with books. Somewhere out there is a machine churning out shining prophecies of great books to come. It seems to be missing me. Maybe I’m not talking to the right people? Maybe I’m not subscribing to the right blogs? Maybe I need to pay more attention to billboards at train stations?

Last year I was given a copy of Nights of Villjamur by Mark Charan Newton and never got around to reading it. A few weeks ago at Alt.Fiction in Derby I discovered that this was supposed to be one of the brightest new stars of the fantasy genre. Last month Amazon briefly recommended The Passing by Justin Cronin. It looked okay, but I saw the word ‘vampire’ and moved on. Now I’m hearing that it was hyped to hell and back and is apparently amazing.

Now I read quite a lot and this kind of hype is something I’d quite like to expose myself to. So far the closest I’ve come is when Warren Ellis and John Scalzi recommended Cherie Priest’s Boneshaker.

So where can I find the book hype?