Carrie (2013)

So apparently it’s time for another Carrie re-imagining. After the awful Carrie 2: The Rage, we really could have been done with this. But no. Here we go again.

Watch it again. Force any thoughts of Carrie from your mind. You’ve got sad-person-voiceover as the camera sweeps through a burning city to reveal some monstrous teenager responsible for the entire mess. That’s pretty cool. I like a good monster story, especially when the monster is human. Shoot it in the found-footage style that made Chronicle so effective and I’d definitely be up for that.

Shame they felt the need to drag out an old property. The film would probably have a better chance if it stood on its own. But no. The machine grinds on.

To cheer us all up, here’s the trailer for another 70’s movie about psychic folks: The Fury.

Addendum: Since posting this, I’ve been informed by @GhostFinder that this is a new adaptation, one that is supposedly far closer in plot to King’s original novel. While I’m not sure that matters, it will probably make a small percentage of potential viewers a bit happier. Personally, I’d rather see original horror movies.