Office 365 Trial… Oh

Microsoft have recently given MSDN subscribers a free one year subscription to Office 365. I thought it might be a nice alternative to Google Apps for Business, especially since Google have started charging for even the most basic of services.

I managed to get my domain set up and the email client works really well. The new style website is pleasant and functional. After that, it started going a bit downhill. In-site instructions are unclear, navigation around the Office 365 administration screens is confusing, bordering on non-sensical, and that’s before you get to the Sharepoint administration.

It’s also quite buggy. Here are a few error messages that I regularly encounter:

News Feed Error

This error appears whenever you try and add or delete any content from the Office 365 News Feed.


Calendar Error

This error occurs whenever I try to delete a calendar. I don’t dare create any more calendars now, for fear of them never going away.


Sharepoint Error

This error happens randomly, whenever you try to do anything with Sharepoint.

I’ve got a support ticket open with Microsoft for the Calendar bug. So far, I’ve had two phone calls from very polite people who were completely unable to suggest a solution (genuine bug located!) and I’ve now been referred to another team. The latest email says that, since my issue is low impact, it may take a while for anyone to get back to me. In the meantime, Google continue to run pretty much unopposed.