Picking At Blurbs

TL;DR: If your blurb spoils the plot of your book then you’re doing it wrong. I’m reading The Pendragon Protocol by Philip Purser-Hallard. It’s a really good book that manages to go far beyond what could have been a really cheesy premise. I’ll talk about that in a later post. What follows is the blurb […]

Interesting Burgers

Iceland (the frozen food supermarket, not the country with amazing fish soup) have started stocking burgers made from things that aren’t cows. I’ve only ever tried bison in the past and found them a little too metallic in flavour. Tonight’s dinner will be interesting!

Porridge Shaker

Porridge is awesome. We have it for breakfast most days and it rarely fails to see me through to lunchtime. Porridge with stuff in it is even better. We’ve experimented with various bits and pieces, but our favourite is sliced banana with toasted almonds and sultanas topped off with a sprinkling of cinnamon and nutmeg. Now, […]

2013 in Review

A review of the year is probably something that should be done chronologically, but since my marriage is the pretty much the biggest and best thing to ever happen to me, that comes first. This September, my wife and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary. That felt pretty awesome. Here’s a photo of us sharing some cake, […]

Love the Books I Love

There a few posts going around at the moment where people recommend books that would get people into SF, should that person be naturally averse to the genre. There’s also an ongoing “discussion” regarding sexism in SF. So, I thought I’d combine these two and list a few excellent books by female authors that might […]

Cook Book Recommendation – Curry

We cook a fair few curries and this book is at least partly to blame. It collects recipes from many fantastic chefs for every type of curry you could imagine. The instructions and timings are clearly stated, and the recipes include details on how to acquire (or create) some of the less common ingredients. We’ve not had […]

Friday Feast – 14th June 2013

This Friday we created our main from scratch. Pretty easy considering it was just a burger with a few of our favourite things. So, from the top: Cheesy bread, venison burger, herby cheese, garlic mushrooms, chorizo and a poached egg. Yes, I also ate my greens. For dessert we decided on a bread and butter […]

Friday Feast – 7th June 2013

This Friday saw us returning to Buonissimo by Gino D’Acampo. We added chorizo to his macaroni cheese and substituted animal shapes for the somewhat elusive macaroni. The result looks a bit messy, but tastes absolutely amazing.

Friday Feast – 31st May 2013

For various reasons, my wife and I are doing our best to eat more healthily. This mostly means cutting down on sugar and eating less processed rubbish. We’ve been taking homemade salads for lunch and exercising discipline in the supermarket. To make this a bit more bearable we’ve declared Friday as our feast day. This […]