A Gender Divide?

There’s been a lot of discussion on twitter about a Guardian “poll” where readers suggested their favourite SF novels. People have been quick to point out that of the ~500 novels mentioned, a very small proportion were written by women. Let’s ignore the fact that the list was generated in the comments section of a […]

Project #2

Okay. I completed Project #1 last week and sent it out for its first rejection over the weekend. Thanks go to my workshop group for hammering out the bigger issues and to the lovely @mithciriel for reading it through several times (and forcing me to make it even better)! So, on to Project #2! Title: […]

Project #1

So, it’s time to get a little more focused. Time is flying past and I seem to spend more time talking about writing than I actually spend doing it. So here’s my first project: Title: The Krask’s Garden Form Factor: Short Story Genre: Science Fantasy Logline: A man-made construct slaughters every last human, but then […]

My First Eastercon

I’ve been to a couple of conventions before. FantasyCon is fun if you already know a few other attendees, and Alt.Fiction has great panels (and is also just down the road). It was with a little trepidation that I agreed to accompany my better half to Illustrious (Eastercon). I don’t really consider myself to a […]

Books I’ve Really Enjoyed

I complain a lot. I realise this. Perhaps complain is the wrong word. I guess I have somewhat exacting standards that don’t entirely mesh with other people’s opinions… or sometimes even reality. The final nail was probably my discovering that I didn’t enjoy Mythago Wood, an apparently universally adored tome. So when I was asked […]

I Like Stakes

The Mullholland Books website has a whole bunch of interesting things to read. Just the other day, Charlie Huston posted a great little article about the future, and his stories, and his stories in the future. Here’s a choice quote. I’m writing about people who are right there at that membrane, people with resources that allow […]

Book Hype? Where?

Hype is certainly something I’m familiar with and quite often a victim of. Movies, games and gadgets are all paraded in front of me, glittering in their finery. It makes me want them. Apparently there’s a similar thing going on with books. Somewhere out there is a machine churning out shining prophecies of great books […]

First Impressions of Windows Live Office

I had high hopes for these tools. Online versions of Microsoft’s Office applications could save me from the file conversion hell that is often the result of using Google Docs. Well here they are and I’m sad to say (actually quite gleeful since I do so love to complain) that my first impressions aren’t great. […]

Campaign for Real Fear

So I’m joining the people posting their rejected submissions. This was a lot of fun! Penance She drags me out of the bar and I pretend to stumble, pressing her against the wall. Her face, cast bronze and black in the streetlight, is an inch from mine. Her eyes glow golden and her lips curl […]