Appropriate Reuse

So we were out searching for a stone circle to the east of Penrith. It was a beautiful day and we were enjoying views of the countryside and loving the lack of pressure to be anywhere and do anything. We spotted a family of bears while driving through the village of Lazonby. According to the […]

The Lake District

We went to the Lake District at the weekend and, according to the laws of random, I managed to take one half-decent photo. This is from the bottom of Place Fell at the south end of Ullswater.

A Few Things

First off this is a quick test to see how well MacJournal works. I was told it had issues connecting to privately hosted WordPress blogs, but this seems to have downloaded me stuff just fine. Hoping this will post! I’ve got two more minor edits left until I consider draft five of my short story, […]


I am defined by time. “Obvious!” I hear you say. Well yes, but I would say I am more so than others. Everything I’ve ever done has felt bound by time. It all has to fit in. All of it. I harbour great envy for those able to maintain an attitude so laid back that […]

Resolutions for 2010

2008’s resolutions were a grand success. I no longer have sugar in coffee or tea and I only drink skimmed milk if possible. In contrast 2009’s were a total wash, but I did buy a house and graduate with a distinction, so things worked out in grand fashion. Here’s the list for 2010… Write every […]

Fundamental Change of Outlook

I’ve decided to stop getting stressed over things I can’t change. No. Really. Stop laughing… I’m right here you know! Anyone who has spent any amount of time around me will know that anxiety is a good friend of mine. All those sad little thoughts mount up at the back of my mind until they […]

Oh Dear… and Stuff

I kinda forgot my whole one or two posts a week rule for a while there. Can’t say it’ll change from here on out, but you never know. The whole purpose of this blog was to talk about writing, so when I don’t have a lot to say about it… We’ve started workshopping again, resurrecting […]

Moving Forward

I got the marks for my dissertation yesterday. To say I was pleased was an understatement. I didn’t do so well in the first year of my MA and didn’t expect to be able to recover. I did and, thanks to the kindness of the lecturers, I got what I wanted. Of course – I […]

The Human Connection

I enjoy fantasy. I love the visuals, that aesthetic and the escapism. But, most of all, the stories I love are those that show humanity at its best and worst. Fantasy allows a writer to extrapolate the real world to an extreme and explore the result. Richard Morgan achieves this by setting his story, The […]