I am defined by time. “Obvious!” I hear you say. Well yes, but I would say I am more so than others. Everything I’ve ever done has felt bound by time. It all has to fit in. All of it. I harbour great envy for those able to maintain an attitude so laid back that […]

Resolutions for 2010

2008’s resolutions were a grand success. I no longer have sugar in coffee or tea and I only drink skimmed milk if possible. In contrast 2009’s were a total wash, but I did buy a house and graduate with a distinction, so things worked out in grand fashion. Here’s the list for 2010… Write every […]

Fundamental Change of Outlook

I’ve decided to stop getting stressed over things I can’t change. No. Really. Stop laughing… I’m right here you know! Anyone who has spent any amount of time around me will know that anxiety is a good friend of mine. All those sad little thoughts mount up at the back of my mind until they […]

Oh Dear… and Stuff

I kinda forgot my whole one or two posts a week rule for a while there. Can’t say it’ll change from here on out, but you never know. The whole purpose of this blog was to talk about writing, so when I don’t have a lot to say about it… We’ve started workshopping again, resurrecting […]


Well, that’s it. Over. Done with. With my dissertation handed in, I’ve completed every requirement of this MA (short of turning up in a cap and gown and having Michael Parkinson give me a certificate). How does it feel? Kind of empty to start with. Tired. Irritable. I’m sure it’ll fade. But I won’t be […]

First Draft Complete

I’m officially declaring the first draft of my dissertation prose complete. Five fairly long chapters and 15433 (according to Scrivener) words later and I’m relaxing a little. Tomorrow I can start editing. The plan is… Break up the chapters and use Scrivener to label scenes as “main plot”, “sub-plot” (by character name), “action” and “exposition”. […]

Dissertation Update

Okay so it’s been a few weeks since lectures ended. With them went the best part of the course, the fiction workshops. For a week or so I floundered a bit and felt lacking in direction. Then I realised the obvious: The only person who is going to motivate me is me. Charlotte, family and […]

Writ- CHILLI!!!

Jeremiah Tolbert suggests that writers who are seeking to build an audience shouldn’t blog about writing. In that spirit… So last night I was cooking chilli. I’m not a natural cook so recipes are my friend. “Recipe for chilli?” you say. “But Sam it’s so simple!” I know. But I want to make chilli that […]