It’s hard. So I’m trying to get back into the mindset I had when I skipped a class at Swanwick, sat myself in the vinery, turned on my shuffle and lost myself. It’s hard. I’m at home. There’s TV. There’s snacks. There’s a microwave in which to warm milk. But this is the thing. I’m […]

Firing Your Imagination

1. Take the first mundane thing that comes into your head. Write down what you would like to happen to that thing or in that situation. Don’t allow yourself to be restricted by the boundaries of social convention, morality or even reality. 2. Pick one of your characters. Write down that characters current job. Now […]

Some Haikus

These are my friend Jen’s fault… Sodden leaves descendSunset casts life in dark flameAutumn eve grows cold Frosty stars glistenMy celestial chart livesThe way home is now Grey star fond yet closeSoaring mind flashes vividMolten gold draws me You have to protectthem from me because I amnot what I once was