Social Networks in Fiction

I’ve been reading more contemporary fantasy recently, as well as some crime, and I’ve come to the following conclusion: Modern stories that don’t feature social networking feel out of date. Sites such as Facebook and Twitter have become a massive part of the average person’s life. When asked why they don’t use social networks in […]

On Urban Fantasy Worlds

I guess my latest writing project is urban fantasy. It doesn’t contain any vampires, werewolves or other common supernatural creatures. It does feature magic, servitors, egregores and rituals. The magic is of the human kind. That is to say it’s based around feelings and how these, when considered en masse, affect the world. So I […]

Project #2

Okay. I completed Project #1 last week and sent it out for its first rejection over the weekend. Thanks go to my workshop group for hammering out the bigger issues and to the lovely @mithciriel for reading it through several times (and forcing me to make it even better)! So, on to Project #2! Title: […]

Project #1

So, it’s time to get a little more focused. Time is flying past and I seem to spend more time talking about writing than I actually spend doing it. So here’s my first project: Title: The Krask’s Garden Form Factor: Short Story Genre: Science Fantasy Logline: A man-made construct slaughters every last human, but then […]

I Like Stakes

The Mullholland Books website has a whole bunch of interesting things to read. Just the other day, Charlie Huston posted a great little article about the future, and his stories, and his stories in the future. Here’s a choice quote. I’m writing about people who are right there at that membrane, people with resources that allow […]

Campaign for Real Fear

So I’m joining the people posting their rejected submissions. This was a lot of fun! Penance She drags me out of the bar and I pretend to stumble, pressing her against the wall. Her face, cast bronze and black in the streetlight, is an inch from mine. Her eyes glow golden and her lips curl […]

A Few Things

First off this is a quick test to see how well MacJournal works. I was told it had issues connecting to privately hosted WordPress blogs, but this seems to have downloaded me stuff just fine. Hoping this will post! I’ve got two more minor edits left until I consider draft five of my short story, […]

Moving Forward

I got the marks for my dissertation yesterday. To say I was pleased was an understatement. I didn’t do so well in the first year of my MA and didn’t expect to be able to recover. I did and, thanks to the kindness of the lecturers, I got what I wanted. Of course – I […]

Creativity Failure

I spent a decent amount of time this week drafting a new story. It was set in a post-apocalyptic world, where a cataclysm had turned the landscape into glass. My two protagonists, a weaver, who had failed to prevent the cataclysm, and an oven cleaner, whose daughter is injured by protection racketeers, seemed interesting, perhaps […]

Writing Again

Close to 11pm on a Sunday night. Clearly the best time to start writing again. Screw it. I’ve never been a morning person. So this is me resuming an earlier project. One that, to my annoyance, was too long to be used for a fiction assignment and too short to be used for my dissertation. […]