On Time

Time. It’s a simple thing. It just kinda passes and most of the time we’re in the flow and just don’t care. But while we’re thinking about that other stuff part of our brains still remain parked where we left them. They’re churning over what we’ve done, what we’ve written and how we wrote it. But they also moves things around. Things once so familiar are given distance.

So we have a tool. Time. When you’re in a rush to craft your masterpiece remember one thing. Time grants objectivity. If you look at a piece the moment after you write it you will see perfection. This is because your brain is still wrapped into the shape of the words. You can’t separate yourself. So give yourself a week. It may seem long and your excitement may make it difficult to tolerate but I promise you it will be worth it. Time grants objectivity and when it comes time to edit, your work will be infinitely better for the break.

Apparently a Triolet

I’m not sure. The meter seems… strange… Oh well!

I’m really disliking the obviousness of the words. I should probably be shot for actually using “angst”, “hate” and “pain”. Either that or I should start writing dodgy goth poetry…

Would you like to join us today?
No pain, no angst, no hate, just words
Come here, come forth, know my true name?
Would you like to join us today?
Life’s is too damned short to stay away
This is your one chance to be heard
Would you like to join us today?
No pain, no angst, no hate, just words

I tried to keep each line to 8 syllables but it just doesn’t read/flow right… I think the weakest line is actually “Would you like to join us today?”.

Planning & Plotting

So I’m wondering about long term plotting and the best way to approach it.

Should you write your detailed character bios one by one and then piece them together?

Should you list the events you want to occur on chronological fashion and then just let your characters react?

How then will you decide what information to reveal when? How will you know what your characters know?

Should you build your character network and then expand your plot from there?

Should you write a list of events you want to happen in your story and then tie them together?

Ugh… Guess I’ll have to try them one by one.

Google returns these…


…as well as a few PDFs. Tomorrow’s reading I guess.


Where is the winter
My pale silver sky still blue
Yet dark nights prevail


Where is the winter
My pale silver sky still blue
The sun can fuck off