Hygiene (Addendum)

It was bloody (as predicted). In fact I think I may have actually ended up with a couple of pre-molars at the front of the mouth. But I think it might just be better for it. It’s a testament to how great my friends are, that I can get feedback on a story so quickly. […]

Like a Hygienist

There’s always blood. Anyone who’s had their teeth cleaned by a dental hygienist know this. They get right up in there with tools that must have been designed by a psychopath (or at the very least a sadist). They aren’t gentle. And there’s always blood. But afterward, your teeth sparkle. There’s that smooth feeling as […]

A Changing Approach

I’d not edited any of my friend’s for a couple of weeks. Yesterday I sat down in a free half hour and picked up where I left off, four chapters into a friend’s novel. The red pen had a mind of it’s own. The balance of red had shifted from circles and comments to straight […]

Day School

We had our first day school today. In the morning we looked at dialogue and the in the afternoon we practised our editing skills. The dialogue session was very interesting. The focus was on sub-text. It wasn’t something I’d really thought about much. When my characters speak they do so through me and any sub-text […]

The Difference

We’re now at the point in the script class where we’re editing each other’s step outlines. It’s hard. It’s not like editing prose, where you can comment on word use, sentence flow and other such things. I have to assess things as a whole, work out what information is available and when, think about the […]


So I’ve got this essay due on 10th December. I think it’s under control. I’ve got a bunch of notes and next week off work to really throw myself into it. Not much of a problem? Well… We found out today that our first day school is going to be on December 7th. Not only […]

Editing Others

There’s no two ways about it. I like editing other people’s work far more than I like editing my own. Perhaps it’s because their writing style is sufficiently different from mine that I can better see the sentence structure. Maybe it’s the fact that I’ve got no familiarity with the words or the story and […]

Third Draft

I finished the third draft of the Derek short story last night. I’d been really dreading it since it was going to involve taking feedback and (red pen) comments from three different people as well as completely changing the ending (including the way the characters end up feeling). Once I got started the process went […]