A Note on Influence

I think you can find influence in anything… But I sometimes if it’s possible to be influenced in advance. Now the story I’m currently working on is a bit of fantasy. It’s probably also going to be really bad. But hey it’s for reading out loud and no one can “see” the prose. It’s also […]

Terry Pratchett

It was on the BBC news today. Terry Pratchett has Alzheimer’s disease. He says he’ll be able to finish his current commitments (two books) and there should be time for a few more. This has hit me hard. When David Gemmell, the author of my favourite book, died it was more of a fact of […]

On Music

I’ve got to write an essay. Rather I should say I am writing an essay. It’s still in the planning stages and the first draft will be written this weekend. It’s due on December 10th and time is kind of pressing… It always is these days. So… Music! The essay is on my influences, books, […]