The Deluge

So I’ve been dry for the last week or so. I was thinking about script so much that my prose had kind of dried up. Then today there was a story on the BBC. And just like that they were there. I’m very bad when it comes to writing practice but today was different. Today […]

Living the Lines

As I write this the left side of my vision is gradually clearing. The ripple show is subsiding. The headache that replaces it is not going to be fun. But that’s an aside… This weekend I ate out three times. It’s expensive but addictive. I saw a lot of friends, many of whom I don’t […]

Music as Memory

I’ve talked about music before. You know it’s an essential tool in my writing process. You know that certain songs, even without lyrics, can evoke specific feelings. I was thinking about this and realised that this must have started somewhere. A single song and a single book must have formed the first connection. What follows […]

Then There Was Fog

I can’t believe I forgot to post about the fog. There was fog! Good fog! We’ve had a bit of a fog deficit this year. I like a good bit of fog. My mum lives out in the country a little way so I get to drive along dark roads not knowing what horrors lurk […]

Albums of the Year

Since I don’t tend to listen to much new music I’m going to list albums that I discovered this year. I won’t try to describe them because I’d suck at that. I’ll simply list them. Here… the ten albums that have made the biggest impact on me this year… (in no particular order) Papa Roach: […]

Terry Pratchett

It was on the BBC news today. Terry Pratchett has Alzheimer’s disease. He says he’ll be able to finish his current commitments (two books) and there should be time for a few more. This has hit me hard. When David Gemmell, the author of my favourite book, died it was more of a fact of […]