Albums of the Year

Since I don’t tend to listen to much new music I’m going to list albums that I discovered this year. I won’t try to describe them because I’d suck at that. I’ll simply list them. Here… the ten albums that have made the biggest impact on me this year… (in no particular order) Papa Roach: […]

On Focus

I tried a different way of working last night. I usually write in the living room, perched on the edge of the settee, hunched over my laptop. I’m doing it right now. It’s not particularly comfortable but this is the room I spend most of my time in because it’s the warmest and the most […]

Firing Your Imagination

1. Take the first mundane thing that comes into your head. Write down what you would like to happen to that thing or in that situation. Don’t allow yourself to be restricted by the boundaries of social convention, morality or even reality. 2. Pick one of your characters. Write down that characters current job. Now […]