The Step Outline

Disclaimer: Okay this may read like stupidly obvious advice. A step outline may just seem like any other set of notes. For me I think it’s more a case of my writing mentality adjusting. I feel compelled to talk a little more about the step outline. We were introduced to them as a stage in […]

Thinking More

Reading through these textbooks is great. It’s pointing out to me exactly what I don’t do. I take shortcuts. Take one character for example. He’s leaving town. He’s leaving everything he’s ever known. I know exactly what he’s feeling at this time. I know exactly has happened in the last couple of days to make […]

Planning & Plotting

So I’m wondering about long term plotting and the best way to approach it. Should you write your detailed character bios one by one and then piece them together? Should you list the events you want to occur on chronological fashion and then just let your characters react? How then will you decide what information […]