On Poetry

Sam: I can’t help but think poets take themselves WAY too seriously. The lecture last night was completely inaccessible. David: That’s what makes them poets. Sam: Yes but they also complain that shops won’t stock their books and that people don’t know about them or enjoy reading their stuff. David: Cause it’s tedious and boring. […]

On Poets

Okay I’ll admit to having a particular idea of what a “poet” is. Unfortunately it probably matches certain stereotypes. I now consider myself re-educated. Tonight’s speaker was both highly cynical and cut through the bullshit that often seems to follow writers around. He talked openly and honestly about what is required of a writer in […]


I am more than I was,Mere moments before,Yet I have far to go How do I grow,So much in so little time,This is my challenge I can see my prize,The goal is there for the taking,We shall be what we can