Book Hype? Where?

Hype is certainly something I’m familiar with and quite often a victim of. Movies, games and gadgets are all paraded in front of me, glittering in their finery. It makes me want them. Apparently there’s a similar thing going on with books. Somewhere out there is a machine churning out shining prophecies of great books […]


So I went on holiday. It’s the first proper holiday I’ve had in a long time. That’s to say it’s the first holiday where the soul purpose was be a tourist, relax and take photos of things my camera isn’t nearly good enough to take photos of. Anyway the whole thing was just great but […]

Multi-Tome Epics

While in Waterstones on Saturday I made a list of fantasy books I thought looked interesting. When I looked them up on amazon to see if they’d be worth the effort I discovered that not a single one was stand-alone. Each already had at least one sequel and had aspirations towards longer series with a […]

Terry Pratchett

It was on the BBC news today. Terry Pratchett has Alzheimer’s disease. He says he’ll be able to finish his current commitments (two books) and there should be time for a few more. This has hit me hard. When David Gemmell, the author of my favourite book, died it was more of a fact of […]

Lorna Doone

I’m curious exactly what I’m supposed to be learning from classic stories like this. The first four pages consist entirely of descriptions of how a candle should be correctly inserted into a desk in order to “read one’s lessons” and then something about floods. I shall persevere however…

On Classic Novels

Sam 21:05 I really want to give up with Owen Meany too but I just hate to let books beat me. It’s like an obsession and it’s disrupting my studies. <blank> 21:06 You’re right, you should keep torturing yourself with it. Sam 21:06 But what if it gets really good, fast paced and modern in […]