First Draft Complete

I’m officially declaring the first draft of my dissertation prose complete. Five fairly long chapters and 15433 (according to Scrivener) words later and I’m relaxing a little. Tomorrow I can start editing. The plan is… Break up the chapters and use Scrivener to label scenes as “main plot”, “sub-plot” (by character name), “action” and “exposition”. […]

Dissertation Update

Okay so it’s been a few weeks since lectures ended. With them went the best part of the course, the fiction workshops. For a week or so I floundered a bit and felt lacking in direction. Then I realised the obvious: The only person who is going to motivate me is me. Charlotte, family and […]

That One Perfect Sound

I’m always questing. It sounds pretentious? Nerdy? Daft? Well it’s true. I’m always questing for that one perfect album or song that reverberates throughout my innards and lances down my back before lodging in my hind brain and demanding replay. When writing the sounds that come packaged with the world seem insignificant, yet filled with […]

The Hazards of Research

I have a love/hate relationship with research. It’s necessary but it can create a whole mess of issues… First there’s procrastination. You’re really into the idea behind your story. You want to know more so you can understand it better. You read and discuss and read and discuss (ad infinitum) all under the guise of […]

Career Writing? LOL

I’d like to start off by saying that I already have a career. I’m happy with that career. I don’t expect to ever make significant amounts of money from my writing. This isn’t pessimism based on a lack of confidence in my own work. Rather it’s based on observations and teachings. If there’s one thing […]

The Significance of Workshopping

Okay I’m going to make a sweeping statement. When you are doing a Writing MA the single most important thing you will do is take part in workshops. Forget the lectures where you write a few tricks of the trade (in a notebook that you rarely open), forget the critical essays (in which you do […]

Gender Politics

Dangerous ground this. I never feel comfortable talking about writing female characters, beyond saying that I don’t feel confident in my ability to do so. In the same vein I don’t feel comfortable talking about other women writing men because I tend to resort to stereotypes and in an ideal world any character could behave […]


So I went on holiday. It’s the first proper holiday I’ve had in a long time. That’s to say it’s the first holiday where the soul purpose was be a tourist, relax and take photos of things my camera isn’t nearly good enough to take photos of. Anyway the whole thing was just great but […]

Rat’s Tail

That’s the working title of the project I’ve set myself. I’ve got a world history. I’ve got a piece in the anthology that sets up a shit ton of questions. I’ve got another piece of back story. I’ve got the beginnings of an interview with a character who probably won’t even be in the story […]


It’s been nearly two months since I last updated. The lack of classes over the summer combined with a general winding down has resulted in less writing and more reading and even more thinking about writing. In short I’ve been relaxing and making notes. I keep promising that I’m going to write more and be […]